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new id by KristenCatsA new id :iconkristencatsa:KristenCatsA 4 0 Tardis by KristenCatsA Tardis :iconkristencatsa:KristenCatsA 3 0 Creeper by KristenCatsA Creeper :iconkristencatsa:KristenCatsA 4 0 Book box by KristenCatsA Book box :iconkristencatsa:KristenCatsA 3 2
Mature content
All mine. wincest. Demon Dean And Addict Sam :iconkristencatsa:KristenCatsA 24 9
Mature content
You don't get it. Weecest. :iconkristencatsa:KristenCatsA 31 12
Noot. Wincest
Dean huffed a little as he moved over the twig, heading toward the ground. Sammy was missing. Again. As if he could go all that far.
Listening for a moment he made the noise again, still not getting an answer.
Heading towards the little pond by their ‘home’ Dean nooted again. This time there was a much smaller noot that was heard.
"Noot." Dean noised again, heading in the direction as it was heard again.
He kept this up, till he saw the little snail on a large leaf. Climbing on it with him, Dean made another noot. Sam answered, moving close, resting against Dean.
The elder wanted to be mad, though couldn’t bring himself too. So he just settled on a soft noot, pressing against Sam.
:iconkristencatsa:KristenCatsA 7 13
Meet me in the auditorium. Destiel
Castiel sighed a little as he walked down the hall, most of the lockers adorned with hearts or flowers and everything was pink. It wasn’t that he particularly disliked the day, but why did there have to be so much PDA? He already had a few Valentines stuck in his back pack, which he had given the givers one in return. One from Anna, who had written a little slightly rude poem about brothers. Though he saw the one that she gave to Lucifer, so he felt blessed he got the one he did. Another was from Meg who gave him a saucy wink that made him blush. He had gotten one from Sam, though it was a little generic, but all of the ones Sam was giving were. Except the one to Jess, but he wouldn’t let anyone but her read it, so he wasn’t too bothered to get a plain one. Part of him expected a few more through out the day, seeing as he hadn’t seem Gabriel yet, nor had he had Ms. Mills class.
Getting to his locker, he spun the combo in before opening the blue metal. After a qu
:iconkristencatsa:KristenCatsA 3 5
Mature content
We'll figure it out. wincest :iconkristencatsa:KristenCatsA 23 5
Forgotten day
“Are you sure you have to go?” Sam asked, trying not to pout, as he watched Dean get ready to go meet up with John.
“Want too Sammy, this little town is boring as balls.” Dean replied, packing his knives last.
Sams lip trembled a little, a small stinging behind his eyes as he looked down.
“I’ll be back soon enough and hopefully we can get out of here, maybe to a big town next.” Dean said, slipping his jacket on.
“Yea.” Sam shrugged a little, closing his eyes tight for a moment before pressing the tears down.
“Now be careful, don’t talk to strangers and keep up with your school work in case we don’t get you out of here soon.” Dean said, coming over, pulling Sam up into his arms.
Sam didn’t quite trust his voice as he wrapped his arms around Dean, so he nodded a little. Pulling back, Dean cupped Sams cheek softly, kissing him for a few long minutes before letting Sam slip from his arms.
:iconkristencatsa:KristenCatsA 28 5
New ID by KristenCatsA New ID :iconkristencatsa:KristenCatsA 2 1 My new tongue bar by KristenCatsA My new tongue bar :iconkristencatsa:KristenCatsA 1 7 Will you be my Valentine.  Or ya know, whatever by KristenCatsA Will you be my Valentine. Or ya know, whatever :iconkristencatsa:KristenCatsA 2 0
Sleep. Wincest
   Sam is fast asleep when he hears the noise.  At first he’s confused, wondering if the dog has to go outside, until he realizes the whining is accompanied by a hand touching him.  Opening his eyes slowly, he jumps a little at seeing how close Dean is to his face.
   "Dean, what?"
   "Can I sleep here?" He asks, pawing at the bed. "I don’t like sleeping alone."
   Sam blinks a few times, trying to sort his thoughts, thinking about saying no again until Dean whines softly.
   "Sure." He says, scooting over as Dean climbs on the bed, curling himself near the end of the bed, stealing a pillow, pulling his own blanket over himself.
   Looking at him for a few more seconds, Sam just shrugged and closed his eyes again.  And if he feels the soft swipe of Deans tongue as a small thank you, he doesn’t mention it in the morning, just smiles softly.
:iconkristencatsa:KristenCatsA 24 2
Rings.  By me by KristenCatsA Rings. By me :iconkristencatsa:KristenCatsA 2 2 Broken doll by KristenCatsA Broken doll :iconkristencatsa:KristenCatsA 9 6




Morbid little creature
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
The name is kristen. Most people call me Kris though and in all actuality i prefer it.

I used to have a long list here and yea, it all went away.

I read, I write, I draw (the best I can), I cook, and I do my best to just get by.

Also, I took down the donation page and the Commision info, since I'm rarely on here and me and my muse get along better and another muse has joined the group, but I'm already over run with idea's.

But if you want to try and suggest something, go for it, maybe I'll write it. And this time there are no real restrictions, I've gotten over it.

My DA little sister: :iconsonic4465:

My DA perverted little sister: :icondaridoodle:

My Perverted, Outsiders obsessed bro: :iconatr0cities:

My Aunt: :iconacidhardy:

My Never-Shuts-Up-Dallas-Crazed cousin: :iconsodacat17:

My DA best friend: :iconantonioxloviano4evar:

My pet panda^^: :iconjoey-shan:

I has created a chat room lol…

Welcome to the House Or Madness

And another one…

You'd have to be crazy to go there


Current Residence: Michigan
Favourite genre of music: Country for the most part
Favourite photographer: One that can capture true life, even if the rest of the world doesn't see beauty in it
Favourite style of art: I really don't have an opinion one way or the other, if it appeals to me, i like it
MP3 player of choice: My phone
Shell of choice: Dunno
Wallpaper of choice: It changes with how i feel and what i like at the current time
Favourite cartoon character: At the current moment Ferb
Personal Quote: Love me or Hate me, i could care less
Well, it's been quite a while.  And I don't have an excuse, except that I got onto Tumblr and life happened.

Not much has changed, except my place of living and my heath is flip flopping around.  I got a dog and that's about it.

I still write and post on Tumblr and Ao3, which if you want to read my stuff more regularly, it's all on there.

Also, I'm for the most part a Supernatural writer, I don't even know if I could get back into the old fandoms, even if they were some good memories.

So yea, that's about it.  If you miss me, ask for my tumblr, Ao3 or Skype.  I'm on those a looooot more than anywhere else.

And I think that's all.
  • Listening to: Wreck it Ralph
  • Reading: Nada
  • Watching: Wreck it Ralph
  • Playing: Cooking mama 5
  • Eating: Mushroom soup
  • Drinking: Vernors


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